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We hope that you all are doing well. We want to update you all on changes that will be taking place for the 17th Annual Nutter Run.  

Our team is still working out the exact details for this years 5k. We will have more information in the following days but our run date will be June 19th 2021. We are aware of the unusual times we’re currently in so things may change but we will keep everyone posted of any changes. Thanks and we look forward to putting this together.


Here are the links to sign up:;perpage:100

People already registered would have options to roll their entry fee to next year, do the Virtual Run, just have entry fee be used as a donation, or get a refund.
To select your option go to:
then scroll down until you see the option text.

We will be accepting donations to this years Nutter Run and as above stated more information on the beneficiary will be available soon.

For more information on registrations and donations please visit our website at 

The Nutter Run Committee understands that it will be difficult to give during this uncertain time. Any amount towards the Nutter Run would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your continued support of the New Jersey Army National Guard, and military families and communities throughout New Jersey and the United States. Stay safe out there.

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